[Gluster-users] Arbiter and geo-replication

Marcus marcus.pedersen at slu.se
Thu Sep 21 08:37:14 UTC 2017

Hi all!

Today I have a small gluster replication on 2 machines.
My plan is to scale this, I though need some feedback that how I plan 
things is in the right direction.

First of all I have understood the need of an arbiter.
When I scale this, say that I just have 2 replica and 1 arbiter, when I 
add another two machines can I still use the same physical machine as 
the arbiter?
Or when I add additional two machines I have to add another arbiter 
machine as well?

My second question is about geo-replication.
If I want to setup a geo-replication on above gluster cluster do I need 
to have the exact "same" machines in the reo-replication?
I know that disk size should be same size on both the brick and on the 
geo-replication side.
So if I have 2 replica and 1 arbiter, do I need 2 replica and 1 arbiter 
for the geo-replication?
Or is it sufficient for a 2 replica and 1 arbiter to use 1 replica for 
the geo-replication?
What I wonder is when I scale my gluster with additional 2 machines, do 
I need 2 machines for geo-replication or 1 machine for geo-replication?
So adding 2 machines means adding 4 machines in total or do I just need 
3 in total?
Is there a need for a arbiter in the geo-replication?

Many questions, but I hope that you can help me out!

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards
Marcus Pedersén

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