[Gluster-users] how many hosts could be down in a 12x(4+2) distributed dispersed volume?

Mauro Tridici mauro.tridici at cmcc.it
Mon Sep 18 19:39:06 UTC 2017

Dear All,

I just implemented a (6x(4+2)) DISTRIBUTED DISPERSED gluster (v.3.10) volume based on the following hardware:

- 3 gluster servers (each server with 2 CPU 10 cores, 64GB RAM, 12 hard disk SAS 12Gb/s, 10GbE storage network)

Now, we need to add 3 new servers with the same hardware configuration respecting the current volume topology.
If I'm right, we will obtain a DITRIBUTED DISPERSED gluster volume with 12 subvolumes, each volume will contain (4+2) bricks, that is a [12x(4+2)] volume.

My question is: in the current volume configuration, only 2 bricks per subvolume or one host could be down without losing data. What it will happen in the next configuration? How many hosts could be down without losing data?

Thank you very much.
Mauro Tridici

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