[Gluster-users] glusterfs distributed volume and samba, help pls.

Roman romeo.r at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 04:48:39 UTC 2017


How does distributed volume works with samba?
I've got 2 servers with glusterfs. Each server is about 130 TB and acts
like a brick for distributed volume.
I've got samba up and running with vfs module on first server. Last night
I've added the second server as a brick and rebalanced the volume with
fix-layout option.
I run glusterfs 3.8.9 on both machines.
Samba share is running on the first server sharing the gluster volume
directly (using vfs module).
This share is used by windows clients. So now is the question: is it enough
or I have to do some magic to be able to write to the second server also?
How the data flow will go in this scenario?
client-gluster2 ?
I hope I do not have to setup samba share on the second server. In case I
have to, what would it look like for windows clients?

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