[Gluster-users] recover from failed RAID

Jim Kinney jim.kinney at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 21:37:23 UTC 2017


I had a "bad timing" event where I lost 3 drives in a RAID6 array and
the structure of all of the LVM pools and nodes was lost. All total,
nearly 100TB of storage was scrambled.

This array was 1/2 of a redundant (replica 2) gluster config (will be
adding additional 3rd soon for split brain/redundancy with failure
issues) so the data was not lost but just running in a degraded mode.

The failed drives were replaced, the array rebuilt, all the thin_pools
and thin_volumes recreated, LUKS recreated and now the data from the
other half has been bulk copied to the rebuilt mirror locations - along
with all the .glusterfs space - not sure if that should be copied over
or not.

It's time to bring gluster back online. The original gluster data was
not part of the raid failure and all the names are the same (except one
LV, thin_lv, and it's thin_pool - working to change those now). 

soooo... Now what? At this time if I try and activate gluster it runs
(and I shut it down awaiting better wisdom from here than I have). Do I
need to just sit back and "let the magic happen"? What should I be
looking for to head off issues.

(getting prices now for a third node).
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