[Gluster-users] GlusterFS as virtual machine storage

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Sun Sep 3 20:18:33 UTC 2017

Il 30-08-2017 03:57 Everton Brogliatto ha scritto:
> Ciao Gionatan,
> I run Gluster 3.10.x (Replica 3 arbiter or 2 + 1 arbiter) to provide
> storage for oVirt 4.x and I have had no major issues so far.
> I have done online upgrades a couple of times, power losses,
> maintenance, etc with no issues. Overall, it is very resilient.
> Important thing to keep in mind is your network, I run the Gluster
> nodes on a redundant network using bonding mode 1 and I have performed
> maintenance on my switches, bringing one of them off-line at a time
> without causing problems in my Gluster setup or in my running VMs.
> Gluster recommendation is to enable jumbo frames across the
> subnet/servers/switches you use for Gluster operations. Your switches
> must support MTU 9000 + 208 at least.

Excellent! So anything with replica 2 + arbiter or better still replica 
3 should be safe.

> I had an experimental setup in replica 2 using an older version of
> Gluster few years ago and it was unstable, corrupt data and crashed
> many times. Do not use replica 2. As others have already said, minimum
> is replica 2+1 arbiter.

Yes, I had the same experience about 3 years ago, with frequent split 
brains and file corruption. This was a test setup only, but it left a 
somewhat "bad taste" in my mouth. I'm glad to ear that stability is much 
better now.

> If you have any questions that I perhaps can help with, drop me an
> email.

If needed, I'll surely do that.
Thank for your kindness.

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