[Gluster-users] trying to add a 3rd peer

Ludwig Gamache ludwig at elementai.com
Tue Oct 24 01:13:45 UTC 2017


I am trying to add a third peer to my gluster install. The first 2 nodes
are running since many months and have gluster 3.10.3-1.

I recently installed the 3rd node and gluster 3.10.6-1. I was able to start
the gluster daemon on it. After, I tried to add the peer from one of the 2
previous server (gluster peer probe IPADDRESS).

That first peer started the communication with the 3rd peer. At that point,
peer status were messed up. Server 1 saw both other servers as connected.
Server 2 only saw server 1 as connected and did not have server 3 as a
peer. Server 3 only had server 1 as a peer and saw it as disconnected.

I also found errors in the gluster logs of server 3 that could not be done:

[2017-10-24 00:15:20.090462] E
[name.c:262:af_inet_client_get_remote_sockaddr] 0-management: DNS
resolution failed on host HOST3.DOMAIN.lan

I rebooted node 3 and now gluster does not even restart on that node. It
keeps giving Name resolution problems. The 2 other nodes are active.

However, I can ping the 3 servers (one from each others) using their DNS

Any idea about what to look at?
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