[Gluster-users] nic requirement for teiring glusterfs

Bartosz Zięba kontakt at avatat.pl
Sat Oct 14 18:59:47 UTC 2017

Just think about it:
1 GE NIC will give you ~120 GB/s troughput so it will saturate single HDD 7,200 RPM. When you have parallel R/W to it node at few HDD in the same time, NIC saturation will be easier ;)
When you add SSD as hot tier you lose much their capability.

Think about used InfiniBand stuff instead of 10GE. You will get RDMA (Gluster support it) and lower latency in less price.


> Wiadomość napisana przez atris adam <atris.adam at gmail.com> w dniu 14.10.2017, o godz. 13:13:
> Hi everybody, I have a question about network interface used for tiering in glusterfs, if I have a 1G nic on glusterfs servers and clients, can I get more performance by setting up glusterfs tiering?or the network interface should be 10G?
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