[Gluster-users] Help with reconnecting a faulty brick

Daniel Berteaud daniel at firewall-services.com
Mon Nov 20 08:23:27 UTC 2017

Le 17/11/2017 à 13:10, Ravishankar N a écrit :
> The parent directory will have afr xattrs indicating good and back 
> bricks. All gfids not present in good will be deleted from bad if 
> present. All gfids present in good will be created on the bad if not 
> present. 
> https://github.com/gluster/glusterfs-specs/blob/master/done/Features/afr-v1.md 
> can give you an idea of how replication works in glusterfs-3.5 (which 
> you are using) and earlier.
> -Ravi

Thanks for your help, the doc you've pointed, and the time you took to 
explain all this. I was able to reconnect the faulty brick without a 
single issue :-)



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