[Gluster-users] Help with reconnecting a faulty brick

Daniel Berteaud daniel at firewall-services.com
Mon Nov 13 09:04:09 UTC 2017

Hi everyone.

I'm running a simple Gluster setup like this:

   * Replicate 2x1

   * Only 2 nodes, with one brick each

   * Nodes are CentOS 7.0, uising GlusterFS 3.5.3 (yes, I know it's old, 
I just can't upgrade right now)

No sharding or anything "fancy". This Gluster volume is used to host VM 
images, and are used by both nodes (which are gluster server and 
clients). Last week, I had a big storage issue, related to LVM (I'll 
probably post some more about it as I have other questions regarding to 
this failure), but anyway, I had data corruption, I had to disconnect 
one brick and continue on a single one. On this brick still alive, all 
the files have been modified, some renamed, some created.

Now, I need to reconnect the faulty brick. It still have data, but which 
I want to discard. I don't want to reconnect it right away because I'm 
not sure what's the state of the data on this brick for Gluster, I'd 
just like to discard everything and sync from the running brick.

I red 
but my setup has some differences (I'm in pure replication mode, no 
distribution, and I'm not replacing a brick, I just want to bring back a 
previously existing one, I just want to be sure Gluster will discard its 
data and sync from the other, and not create a split brain situation)

Could I just remove the content of the brick (including the .glusterfs 
directory) and reconnect ?

I'd really like some help from GlusterFS experts here :-)




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