[Gluster-users] Not possible to stop geo-rep after adding arbiter to replica 2

mabi mabi at protonmail.ch
Sat Jul 29 10:07:25 UTC 2017

To my two node replica volume I have added an arbiter node for safety purpose. On that volume I also have geo replication running and would like to stop it is status "Faulty" and keeps trying over and over to sync without success. I am using GlusterFS 3.8.11.
So in order to stop geo-rep I use:
gluster volume geo-replication myvolume gfs1geo.domain.tld::myvolume-geo stop
but it fails to stop it as you can see in the output below:
Staging failed on arbiternode.domain.tld. Error: Geo-replication session between myvolume and gfs1geo.domain.tld::myvolume-geo does not exist.
geo-replication command failed
How can I now stop geo replication? Is there a manual way to do that?
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