[Gluster-users] Release 3.10: Winding down!

Shyam srangana at redhat.com
Mon Feb 27 17:59:04 UTC 2017


Thanks for all the work and attention towards 3.10 LTM release of 
Gluster. The release packages have been built and a release 
announcement, with the details, will be rolled out soon.

With this, here are some notes to remember,

1) The existing release bug tracker has been closed, and a new one for 
3.10.1 has been opened, use this bug to mark any blockers for the 3.10.1 
release [1]

2) There is a discussion ongoing about when to release minor updates for 
gluster (3.8 is being released around the 10th of each month). Based on 
the discussion 3.10 minor updates would either be on the 10th of each 
month or the 30th. We will keep the list posted on the date as we arrive 
at a decision.

3) A release retrospective will be rolled out by Amye, that hopes to 
capture, things that went well and improvements that we need to make in 
our releases going forward. When that is rolled out, request all to 
participate and help make our releases better.

4) This link [2] can be used to track status of backports in gerrit for 
3.10 minor releases. It is possibly a good idea to bookmark this, to 
help with the reviews as things are backported for a minor release. In 
the future, if possible we would roll these out as project boards from 
gerrit itself.

Release team for 3.10

[1] 3.10.1 release tracker: 

[2] 3.10 backport merge status in gerrit: 

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