[Gluster-users] distribute replicated volume and tons of questions

Alessandro Briosi ab1 at metalit.com
Wed Feb 22 17:59:42 UTC 2017

Il 21/02/2017 18:33, Gandalf Corvotempesta ha scritto:
> Some questions:
> 1) can I start with a simple replicated volume and then move to a
> ditributed, replicated by adding more bricks ? I would like to start
> with 3 disks and then add 3 disks more in next month.
> seems stupid but this allow me to buy disks from different production batches.
You can defenetly add briks (disks), you would have to rebalance it.
It's well explained in the documentation.
> 2) let's assume (to keep it simple) a 1GB file with sharding enabled
> with 100MB size.
> In a replicated volume with just 1 replicated brick, all shared (and
> thus the file) are placed on the brick (replicated to 3 servers).
> What in case of 2 bricks ? Gluster will place shard 1 to 5 on brick1,
> and 6 to 10 on brick2 or "distribution" only happen for the whole file
> ? (in example, all shards for file1 are placed on brick1, and all
> shards for file2 are placed on brick2)
How shards work is well explained in the documentation.
File is split and distributed.
Here a nice blog entry:

The other questions I'm not sure.


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