[Gluster-users] Question about heterogeneous bricks

Daniele Antolini lantuin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 10:18:58 UTC 2017

Hi all,

first of all, nice to meet you. I'm new here and I'm subscribing to do a
very simple question.

I don't understand completely how, in a distributed with replica
environment, heterogeneous bricks are involved.

I've just done a test with four bricks:

gluster1    1 GB
gluster2    2 GB
gluster3    5 GB
gluster4    3 GB

Each partition is mounted locally at /opt/data

I've created a gluster volume with:

gluster volume create gv0 replica 2 gluster1:/opt/data/gv0
gluster2:/opt/data/gv0 gluster3:/opt/data/gv0 gluster4:/opt/data/gv0

and then mounted on a client:

testgfs1:/gv0               4,0G   65M    4,0G   2% /mnt/test

I see 4 GB of free space but I cannot understand how this space has been
Can please someone explain to me how this can happened?

Thanks a lot

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