[Gluster-users] GlusterFS 3.8.9 is an other Long-Term-Maintenance update

Niels de Vos ndevos at redhat.com
Thu Feb 16 18:21:27 UTC 2017

[from: http://blog.nixpanic.net/2017/02/glusterfs-389-release.html check
 that for clicky links, soon on https://planet.gluster.org/ too]

   We are proud to announce the General Availability of yet the next
update to the Long-Term-Stable releases for GlusterFS 3.8. Packages are
being prepared to hit the mirrors expected to hit the repositories of
distributions and the Gluster download server over the next few days.
Details on which versions are part of which distributions can be found
on the Community Packages in the documentation.

   The release notes are part of the git repository, the downloadable
tarball and are included in this post for easy access.

# Release notes for Gluster 3.8.9

   This is a bugfix release. The Release Notes for 3.8.0, 3.8.1, 3.8.2,
3.8.3, 3.8.4, 3.8.5, 3.8.6, 3.8.7 and 3.8.8 contain a listing of all the
new features that were added and bugs fixed in the GlusterFS 3.8 stable

# Bugs addressed

   A total of 16 patches have been merged, addressing 14 bugs:
     * #1410852: glusterfs-server should depend on firewalld-filesystem
     * #1411899: DHT doesn't evenly balance files on FreeBSD with ZFS
     * #1412119: ganesha service crashed on all nodes of ganesha cluster on disperse volume when doing lookup while copying files remotely using scp
     * #1412888: Extra lookup/fstats are sent over the network when a brick is down.
     * #1412913: [ganesha + EC]posix compliance rename tests failed on EC volume with nfs-ganesha mount.
     * #1412915: Spurious split-brain error messages are seen in rebalance logs
     * #1412916: [ganesha+ec]: Contents of original file are not seen when hardlink is created
     * #1412922: ls and move hung on disperse volume
     * #1412941: Regression caused by enabling client-io-threads by default
     * #1414655: Upcall: Possible memleak if inode_ctx_set fails
     * #1415053: geo-rep session faulty with ChangelogException "No such file or directory"
     * #1415132: Improve output of "gluster volume status detail"
     * #1417802: debug/trace: Print iatts of individual entries in readdirp callback for better debugging experience
     * #1420184: [Remove-brick] Hardlink migration fails with "lookup failed (No such file or directory)" error messages in rebalance logs
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