[Gluster-users] glusterfs + performance-tuning + infiniband + rdma

Deepak Naidu dnaidu at nvidia.com
Mon Feb 20 17:24:03 UTC 2017


I tried some performance tuning options like performance.client-io-threads etc... & my throughput performance increased to more 50%. Since then I am trying to find what are the performance tuning parameter to increase the write throughput.

The logic goes: If I get xxxx MBps using local SSD, then if I run the same test on GlusterFS(2x-distribute), do I get 2x the throughput or ½ the time as localSSD. I know writes can't be near like localSSD. But I am using RDMA & I can feel there are some GlusterFS tunable to increase write perf, as I was able to increase write perf by 50%.

Anyone, sharing some basic guidelines is appreciated.


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