[Gluster-users] release-3.10: Final call for release notes updates

Shyam srangana at redhat.com
Mon Feb 20 03:04:56 UTC 2017


Please find the latest release notes for 3.10 here [1]

This mail is to request feature owners, or folks who have tested to 
update the release notes (by sending gerrit commits to the same) for any 
updates that is desired (e.g feature related update, known issues in a 
feature etc.).

The release notes serve as our first point of public facing 
documentation about what is in a release, so any and all feedback and 
updates welcome here.

The bug ID to use for updating the release notes would be [2]

Example release notes commits are at [3]


[1] Current release notes: 

[2] Bug to use for release-notes updates: 

[3] Example release-note update: 

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