[Gluster-users] Gluster anc balance-alb

Alessandro Briosi ab1 at metalit.com
Tue Feb 14 17:09:54 UTC 2017

Il 14/02/2017 11:36, Serkan Çoban ha scritto:

> In balanced-alb mode you should see nearly equal TX size, but
> something wrong with your statistics.
> RX balanced by intercepting MAC address for ARP replays, so in theory
> if you have enough clients you should have equally balanced RX.
> I am also using balanced-alb with 60 gluster servers and nearly 1000
> clients using them, my TX distribution is %50 between two links and RX
> is %5-%95.
> This means theory and practice differs way too much :)

Ok, I read the bonding info more and understood that the alb method is
on a host basis,
this means that comunication between 2 hosts is done only through 1

Having right now only 2 hosts it's normal to use only 1 interface. (I'll
be adding more in a few days)

I'll probably switch to using LACP (or balance-rr), need to decide
wether use vrrp for failover or use balance-rr with a multi-switch
configuration (will configure multiple VLANs one for each ethernet, this
should isolate the networks).

If anybody has any experience with this and gluster is welcome on

Would be cool to use a bond of 2 bonds but don't think linux supports it.


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