[Gluster-users] Using block storage for bricks? (ie. EBS, Digitalocean BS, etc)

James Addison addi00 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 04:20:52 UTC 2017

I've got a use scenario where I would like to have an expandable volume to
handle a growing set of files. Mostly original images + thumbnails. They'll
get written once, but read many times. So say the file size varies between
40kb and 20mb.

There will be a 3rd party CDN in front of the nginx server tier that will
be reading the files from the volume.

I plan to host this in a cloud environment, AWS is a possibility, but I
would like to investigate Digitalocean's block storage as well. Each node
can have 7 BS disks attached, each disk up to 1.6tb in size.

I gather from my reading that glusterfs and other technologies (ceph, etc)
work best on bare metal, not in a virtualized environment. Some people have
anecdotally stated "don't do POSIX shared filesystems in the cloud", ie I'm
asking for trouble.

Is this feasible with glusterfs? If not, what else should I look at? If it
is feasible, is libgfapi better connection strategy to architect around vs
the POSIX/fuse interface?

Am I asking the right questions here? Thanks.
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