[Gluster-users] Input/output error - would not heal

Nag Pavan Chilakam nchilaka at redhat.com
Tue Feb 7 12:50:14 UTC 2017

Can you help us with more information on the volume, like volume status and volume info
One reason of "transport endpoint error" is the brick could be down

Also, i see that the syntax used for healing is wrong.
You need to use as below:
gluster v heal <vname> split-brain source-brick <brick path> <filename considering brick path as />

In yourcase if brick path is "/G-store/1" and the file to be healed is "that_file" , then use below syntax (in this case i am considering "that_file" lying under the brick path directly"

gluster volume heal USER-HOME split-brain source-brick /that_file

nag pavan

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Subject: [Gluster-users] Input/output error - would not heal

hi all

I'm hitting such problem:

$ gluster vol heal USER-HOME split-brain source-brick
Healing gfid:8a5b6e4a-d18a-49d0-bae9-20c9cf8673a5 
failed:Transport endpoint is not connected.
Status: Connected
Number of healed entries: 0

$ gluster vol heal USER-HOME split-brain source-brick
Lookup failed on /that_file:Input/output error
Volume heal failed.

v3.9. it's a two-brick volume, was three but removed one I 
think a few hours before the problem was first noticed.
what to do now?
many thanks,

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