[Gluster-users] Always writeable distributed volume

Jesper Led Lauridsen TS Infra server JLY at dr.dk
Wed Feb 1 12:18:42 UTC 2017


I am wondering if it is possible to create an always writeable distributed volume. 

Reading the documentation I can figure out how. So is it possible? 
If I understand the docs correctly. The DHT determines based on a hash of the filename, which brick to place the file. And if you have two bricks and loose one brick I can't create files DHT determines should be places on the failed brick.

I have tried creating a distributed volume on two bricks/nodes. And as the feared I can't write files DHT determines should be placed on a failed node. I am well aware and can accept that I can't access or re-create files already created on the failed node. But I would like to write new files.

Is there a setting/feature I can enable that allows me to create file on the available/online bricks even if DHT determines that the file should be placed on the unavailable/failed?

My use case is: I want to use a Gluster volume for temporary storage that is always available, as in I can always mount and write to it . We have a lot of media file that is transcoded on user request and there need at temporary storage for this operation. All I need is a temporary, fast and always accessible storage with no data security/replica.


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