[Gluster-users] trying to mount gluster volume

Hetz Ben Hamo hetz at hetz.biz
Tue Dec 26 07:54:07 UTC 2017


I have built a small (2 node) glusterfs nodes and install nfs-ganesha on
When trying from a different machine to mount an NFS share from the
glusterfs nodes - it works.

However, when I'm trying to mount the volume from a remote machine using
glusterfs-fuse - it fails. I'm getting this error.

[2017-12-26 07:49:38.587196] I [MSGID: 100030] [glusterfsd.c:2412:main]
0-/usr/sbin/glusterfs: Started running /usr/sbin/glusterfs version 3.8.4
(args: /usr/sbin/glusterfs --log-file=log --volfile-server=glnode1
--volfile-id=/gv0 /mnt)
[2017-12-26 07:49:38.608105] I [MSGID: 101190]
[event-epoll.c:628:event_dispatch_epoll_worker] 0-epoll: Started thread
with index 1
[2017-12-26 07:49:38.611863] W [MSGID: 101095]
[xlator.c:198:xlator_dynload] 0-xlator:
/usr/lib64/glusterfs/3.8.4/xlator/features/ganesha.so: cannot open shared
object file: No such file or directory
[2017-12-26 07:49:38.611917] E [MSGID: 101002] [graph.y:212:volume_type]
0-parser: Volume 'gv0-ganesha', line 68: type 'features/ganesha' is not
valid or not found on this machine
[2017-12-26 07:49:38.611938] E [MSGID: 101019] [graph.y:320:volume_end]
0-parser: "type" not specified for volume gv0-ganesha
[2017-12-26 07:49:38.612216] E [MSGID: 100026]
[glusterfsd.c:2265:glusterfs_process_volfp] 0-: failed to construct the
[2017-12-26 07:49:38.612509] E [graph.c:982:glusterfs_graph_destroy]
(-->/usr/sbin/glusterfs(mgmt_getspec_cbk+0x3c1) [0x7f30339f7fb1]
-->/usr/sbin/glusterfs(glusterfs_process_volfp+0x149) [0x7f30339f2519]
-->/lib64/libglusterfs.so.0(glusterfs_graph_destroy+0x84) [0x7f3033531dc4]
) 0-graph: invalid argument: graph [Invalid argument]
[2017-12-26 07:49:38.612573] W [glusterfsd.c:1288:cleanup_and_exit]
(-->/usr/sbin/glusterfs(mgmt_getspec_cbk+0x3c1) [0x7f30339f7fb1]
-->/usr/sbin/glusterfs(glusterfs_process_volfp+0x172) [0x7f30339f2542]
-->/usr/sbin/glusterfs(cleanup_and_exit+0x6b) [0x7f30339f1abb] ) 0-:
received signum (1), shutting down
[2017-12-26 07:49:38.612601] I [fuse-bridge.c:5817:fini] 0-fuse: Unmounting
[2017-12-26 07:49:38.616177] I [fuse-bridge.c:5822:fini] 0-fuse: Closing
fuse connection to '/mnt'.

the command to mount that I use: mount -t glusterfs glnode1:/gv0 /mnt
(the gv0 is the volume).

Any suggestions please?
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