[Gluster-users] gluster and HA NFS

Craig Lesle Craig.Lesle at bruden.com
Wed Dec 20 16:51:49 UTC 2017


After working with the 3.12 flavor of gluster I learned nfs-ganesha was 
replaced with storhaug in 3.11.Have people been successfully utilizing 
storhaug and does any documentation exist for using it in a ha nfs 
configuration or is ha in gluster so rarely used it's a non-issue for 
most gluster users?

Going through the lists, it was recommended in November to not use 
storhaug and if you want to run ha nfs you should instead use the 3.10 
for it's last remaining version of nfs-ganesha.


To me that shift from using nfs-ganesha to storhaug was a huge change to 
be absorbed for a minor release version and was made bigger when 
storhaug does not appear to be ready go given the recommendation to go 
back and use 3.10.

With the release of 3.12 ltm and now 3.13 stm, when 4.0 is released 3.10 
is shown to be at eol;

Version Status      Release_Date EOL_Version EOL_Date
3.10    LTM         2017-02-27    4.0
3.11    EOL         2017-05-30    3.12        2017-8-30
3.12    LTM         2017-08-30    4.3
3.13    STM         2017-12-7     4.0
4.0     Planned STM about 2018-01 4.1
4.1     Planned LTM about 2018-04 n+

What approach should a gluster consumer use today in setting up ha nfs 
on gluster? Is it still being recommended to use 3.10 with it's eol 
coming in what looks to be a matter of days/weeks? Perhaps the 3.10 
support period will be extended for a reasonable amount of time until 
such time as storhaus in the 4 tree is ready to go and some kind of 
workable upgrade path is ready to get the HA portion upgraded from 3.10 
to 4.x ? Since storhaug appears to be a sticking point for moving 
forward beyond 3.10 in the v3 tree, is it possible to bring nfs-ganesha 
back for ha use at least through the v3 tree or are all eyes on v4 and 
not looking back?

Please advise.


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