[Gluster-users] Bricks not starting after restart node

David Spisla spisla80 at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 20 09:38:17 UTC 2017

Hello Gluster Community,

I am using Gluster3.10 in a 2-Node-Szenario (with CentosOS7-machines).
After restarting one of the nodes,
sometimes one of these two phenomena occurs:

    1. The brick process of a volume on the newly started node is no
longer running
    2. The Brick Process Is Running But The First Knot Still Believes
He Can not Reach
    The Brick (Health info reported "Transport endpoint not connected")

In both cases it helps to stop and restart the volume (gluster volume
stop, gluster volume start).
Sometimes you even have to do this twice! But this should be no
soluton in a productive scenario.
For ealier releases there was a bug posted here:
It seems to be that this bug is still an issue? Does anybody has some
experience with that issue?


David Spisla
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