[Gluster-users] Volume hacked

lemonnierk at ulrar.net lemonnierk at ulrar.net
Sun Aug 6 23:57:19 UTC 2017

> You should add VLANS, and/or overlay networks and/or Mac Address 
> filtering/locking/security which raises the bar quite a bit for hackers. 
> Perhaps your provider can help you with that.

Gluster already uses a vlan, the problem is that there is no easy way
that I know of to tell gluster not to listen on an interface, and I
can't not have a public IP on the server. I really wish ther was a
simple "listen only on this IP/interface" option for this

> Then there is the Gluster Auth stuff, which is cert based as I recall. 
> Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with it as we have relied on 
> unique seperate physical networks for our clusters.
> Hackers (and us) can't even get to our Gluster boxes except via IP/KVM 
> or the client itself.

Well never used it, but I never thought I needed that since the vlan
gluster uses is private so outside users can't reach it. Didn't realise
NFS works with access to any one node since we don't use it.

> Well if you aren't using it, then turn NFS off. I think NFS is turned 
> off by default in the new versions anyway in favor of NFS-Ganesha.

Yeah, we are still on 3.7 for now, I haven't taken the time to test
newer versions yet. Since 3.7.15 does everything we need pretty well,
not really felt the need for that.

> But the original question remains, did they get into just the Gluster 
> boxes or are they in the Client already?
> Unless they rooted the boxes and cleaned the logs, there should be some 
> traces of activity in the various system and gluster logs. The various 
> root kit checker programs may find something (chkrootkit)

Well it's one and the same, gluster is installed on the proxmox servers
so the VM are just using localhost as their disk storage. So either they
got into the volume itself (NFS or some other way I haven't thought of),
or they got root on the hypervisors but in that case why f*ck up with
the volume instead of everything else.
Since everything else looks okay, I think they just had access to the
volume, and the only way I can think of is NFS. But I don't see anything
really suspicious in nfs.log, it seems to me like only normal glusterd
restart logs

I'll be sure to scan for rootkits tomorrow just in case, but I assume
they would have re-wiped everything if they still had access.
Googling the link they left I found a forum where some guy got his hard
drive wiped in a similar manner on his router a few days ago, it looks
like someone having fun wiping unsecured NAS .. What a great way to
spend your free time :(

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