[Gluster-users] Moving Brick between Nodes

Michael Metz-Martini michael at metz-martini.de
Fri Aug 4 19:37:33 UTC 2017


we're currently searching for a way to move bricks between (physical)
nodes without copying all data.

We have physical nodes with a connected external disk-enclosure which
contains 5 bricks of 8 drives in raid-6 each (total of 40 drives and
about 220 TB after RAID). If this physical node has a longer lasting
hardware failure or needs replacement I want to connect this enclosure
to a different physical node to quickly re-enable access to this huge
amount of data.

If I'm right there's no "native" way to relocate bricks by simply
renaming them in the layout.

I was thinking about giving each brick a dedicated hostname and IP so
that I can move hostname,ip and brick freely between all servers. A
physical node containing Brick A to E so would have 6 hostnames & IPs:
If I want to move brickE to physB I would simply move the IP + Storage
to this physical node ...

Any downside? Better Ideas? Would this work? Am I missing something?

Kind regards
  Michael Metz-Martini

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