[Gluster-users] glusterd daemon - restart

Kaushal M kshlmster at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 13:28:58 UTC 2017

On Wed, Aug 2, 2017 at 5:07 PM, Mark Connor <markconnor64 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Can the glusterd daemon be restarted on all storage nodes without causing
> any disruption to data being served or the cluster in general? I am running
> gluster 3.2 using distributed replica 2 volumes with fuse clients.

Yes, in general. Any clients already connected will still continue to work.

What can be a problem is new clients, because glusterd may sometimes
not pick up already running bricks. But most of these issues have been
fixed in recent versions of GlusterFS.
So, since you're using GlusterFS-3.2, which is really-really-really
old, you may face this issue.

You should try to run a more recent and supported version of GlusterFS
if possible. 3.2 is not supported and hasn't been updated in over 5

> Regards,
> Mark
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