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Amye Scavarda amye at redhat.com
Thu Apr 13 18:06:16 UTC 2017

One of the things that we're taking on for Gluster as a project is
improving our usability overall - user experience, developer experience,
contributor experience. We want Gluster to be fun to work with.

As part of this, we'll be working on improving our overall documentation.
Improving documentation is one of our big focuses as a project as we move
into being more friendly to containers overall, through improving the table
of contents, the style guide for how we're communicating with our users and
outlining a better template structure for contribution. Finally, we'll be
looking to match the look and feel of our new website as well.

How is this happening?
We'll be creating another branch to make these changes without changing our
current documentation. However, we're going to need your help - as you're
creating documentation now, please check with either myself, Amar or Nithya
so that we can keep release notes running in tandem for the new changes
happening in the new structure, and what needs to be moved over from the
current structure. We'll be manually diffing these as we work on going live
with the new structure.

This is of vital importance for us as a project and it's something we've
been looking at for a long time. Our timelines for this are the next month
to six weeks, and we'll be in a better place with our documentation to
improve from here.

- amye

Amye Scavarda | amye at redhat.com | Gluster Community Lead
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