[Gluster-users] What application workloads are too slow for you on gluster?

Pranith Kumar Karampuri pkarampu at redhat.com
Sun Sep 25 00:15:50 UTC 2016

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> Il 24 set 2016 17:29, "Kevin Lemonnier" <lemonnierk at ulrar.net> ha scritto:
> >
> > Web Hosting is what comes to mind for me. Applications like prestashop,
> wordpress,
> > some custom apps ... I know that I try to use DRBD as much as I can for
> that since
> > GlusterFS makes the sites just way too slow to use, I tried both fuse
> and NFS (not
> > ganesha since I'm on debian everytime though, don't know if that
> matters).
> Exactly the same here.
> Small files workload should be improved a lot
Small file workloads are mostly because of number of network round trips
before doing anything useful with them. The features we are working on to
deal with them are slowly coming out nicely. 1) Compound-fops (Anuradha was
working on this before she left for college to pursue her MS, now Krutika
is leading this work. i.e. instead of multiple operations over network, we
send one compound operation that does the work), 2) Improvements in caching
of metadata (Poornima is leading the work here improving the md-cahce
feature), 3) -ve lookup cache which will reduce the number of lookups to
check if a file exists or not(I am doing this work).

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