[Gluster-users] gluster 3.7 healing errors (no data available, buf->ia_gfid is null)

Pasi Kärkkäinen pasik at iki.fi
Wed Sep 21 13:15:28 UTC 2016


I have a pretty basic two-node gluster 3.7 setup, with a volume replicated/mirrored to both servers.

One of the servers was down for hardware maintenance, and later when it got back up, the healing process started, re-syncing files.
In the beginning there was some 200 files that need to be synced, and now the number of files is down to 10, but it seems the last 10 files don't seem to get synced..

So the problem is the healing/re-sync never ends for these files..

# gluster volume heal gvol1 info
Brick gnode1:/bricks/vol1/brick1
/ - Possibly undergoing heal

Status: Connected
Number of entries: 10

Brick gnode2:/bricks/vol1/brick1
Status: Connected
Number of entries: 1

In the brick logs for the volume I see these errors repeating:

[2016-09-21 12:41:43.063209] E [MSGID: 113002] [posix.c:252:posix_lookup] 0-gvol1-posix: buf->ia_gfid is null for /bricks/vol1/brick1/foo [No data available]
[2016-09-21 12:41:43.063266] E [MSGID: 115050] [server-rpc-fops.c:179:server_lookup_cbk] 0-gvol1-server: 1484202: LOOKUP /foo (00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001/foo) ==> (No data available) [No data available]

Any idea what might cause those errors?  (/foo is exactly the file that is being healed, but fails to heal)
Any tricks to try?

Software versions: CentOS 7 with gluster37 repo (running Gluster 3.7.15), and nfs-ganesha 2.3.3.

Thanks a lot,

-- Pasi

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