[Gluster-users] 3.8.3 Bitrot signature process

Amudhan P amudhan83 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 07:19:47 UTC 2016


I am testing bitrot feature in Gluster 3.8.3 with disperse EC volume 4+1.

When i write single small file (< 10MB) after 2 seconds i can see bitrot
signature in bricks for the file, but when i write multiple files with
different size ( > 10MB) it takes long time (> 24hrs) to see bitrot
signature in all the files.

My questions are.
1. I have enabled scrub schedule as hourly and throttle as normal, does
this make any impact in delaying bitrot signature?
2. other than "bitd.log" where else i can watch current status of bitrot,
like number of files added for signature and file status?
3. where i can confirm that all the files in the brick are bitrot signed?
4. is there any file read size limit in bitrot?
5. options for tuning bitrot for faster signing of files?

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