[Gluster-users] quota problem on large cluster

Fedele Stabile fedele.stabile at fis.unical.it
Wed Sep 7 10:48:14 UTC 2016

I have a gluster volume made of 64 bricks: 
volume type is distribute  and transport is rdma
I have distributed bricks in a cluster of 32 server with 2 bricks each.
This volume is mounted on all the 32 servers and also on another server
connected to the cluster.
Now I want to implement quota on this gluster volume:
all seems ok and I can define quota-limits and make tests but when I
mount the volume on the 33 server the mount operation hangs and also
volume is not accessible on all servers.
All servers are Centos 6.6 and gluster 3.7.8
Can you help me to understand what is wrong?

Fedele Stabile

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