[Gluster-users] Tiering and sharding for VM workload

Dan Lambright dlambrig at redhat.com
Tue Sep 6 12:55:12 UTC 2016

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Paul Cruzner did some tests with sharding+tiering, I think the intent was to investigate the VM workload case. 

In general, at the moment, the larger the transfer size, the better chance tiering will be able to help you. Shards of VM images would (I suppose) be "large", so your idea may see benefit. The set of webpages/VM shards in your example would have to stay relatively stable over time and fit on the hot tier.

> Il 05 set 2016 22:19, "Gandalf Corvotempesta" <
> gandalf.corvotempesta at gmail.com > ha scritto:
> Is tiering with sharding usefull with VM workload?
> Let's assume a storage with tiering and sharding enabled, used for
> hosting VM images.
> Each shard is subject to tiering, thus the most frequent part of the
> VM would be cached on the SSD, allowing better performance.
> Is this correct?
> To put it simple, very simple, let's assume a webserver VM, with the
> following directory structure:
> /home/user1/public_html
> /home/user2/public_html
> both are stored on 2 different shards (i'm semplyfing).
> /home/user1/public_html has much more visits than user2.
> Would that shard cached on hot tier allowing faster access by the webserver?
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