[Gluster-users] When to use Arbiter volumes and quorum options?

Alexandr Porunov alexandr.porunov at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 11:24:11 UTC 2016


I am using GlusterFS 3.8.5. I wonder to know when to use Arbiter volumes
and quorum options in GlusterFS and what difference between them?

I tried to achive a split-brain in a replicated voulume 3 but couldn't.
Does GlusterFS manage split-brain situations automaticaly?

I tried following:
node1, node2, node3 is the nodes with a replicated volume.
I have created a network crash between node1 and node3 but node1 and node3
still can speak with node2. When I write a file to node1 it automatically
creates on node2 and node3. When I write a file to node3 it automaticaly
creates on node2 and node1.

I tried to crash node1 then write to node3 and then crash a node3 and
recover node1. Still it works just fine. I tried to crash two nodes and
then write to the healthy node and it doesn't work. After I have run one
more node it started work.

Is it possible to achive a split-brain in a GlusterFS cluster 3.8.5? If yes
then how and what options we have to set to prevent split-brain? If no then
why do we need an arbiter and quorum options?

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