[Gluster-users] Why not all of my NFS servers are online?

Jin Li lijin.abc at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 22:07:08 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I have the following volume, all bricks are connected fine, but why
not all of the NFS servers are online? (Two of them are offline). Will
the offline NFS servers cause trouble? How could I make sure they are
online? Thanks.

Please find my volume status.

$ sudo gluster volume status gvd
Status of volume: gvd
Gluster process Port Online Pid
Brick rigel:/mnt/raid6/glusterfs_distributed_export 49155 Y 5553
Brick betelgeuse:/mnt/raid6/glusterfs_distributed_expor
t 49154 Y 5223
Brick polaris:/mnt/raid6/glusterfs_distributed_export 49157 Y 5196
Brick capella:/mnt/raid6/glusterfs_distributed_export 49157 Y 4883
Brick eridani:/mnt/raid6/glusterfs_distributed_export 49152 Y 3858
Brick sargas:/mnt/raid6/glusterfs_distributed_export 49152 Y 3886
Brick toliman:/mnt/raid6/glusterfs_distributed_export 49207 Y 3881
Brick alphard:/mnt/raid6/glusterfs_distributed_export 49264 Y 3908
NFS Server on localhost 2049 Y 4898
NFS Server on eridani 2049 Y 3870
NFS Server on alphard 2049 Y 3920
NFS Server on sargas 2049 Y 3898
NFS Server on toliman 2049 Y 3893
NFS Server on N/A N N/A
NFS Server on betelgeuse 2049 Y 5235
NFS Server on polaris N/A N N/A

Best regards,

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