[Gluster-users] Glusterfs volume bricks disk is filled up

Imaad Ghouri imaad.ghouri at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 07:00:10 UTC 2016

Hi Team,
Quick question.

I have a glusterfs cluster setup for 20 nodes that has /share where I do store all of the data that is shared successfully across all the nodes in the cluster .. And each node also has /data where glusterfs volume bricks data gets stored by some gluster mechanism ..

 I have a question here at /data . In one of the node A (out of 20) , /data disk space got filled up and there is no space left on /data. How does glusterfs behaves in this case? I do see no space left message on the glusterfs logs node where disk space is full .. Not sure if I need to worry about it .. Is it just a warning message ? What happens when I try to access the /share data and if request goes node A, what will happen then?

I am using glusterfs 3.6 version. Thanks

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