[Gluster-users] move file in brck btu in .gluster I have a "copy"

Sergio Traldi sergio.traldi at pd.infn.it
Wed Nov 16 17:19:33 UTC 2016


we have a gluster with 2 servers with centos 6 and glusterfs-3.7.4-2 
with 2 bircks each server (4 bricks total). We have one brick quite full 
and other 3 bricks quite empty. I stop a volume and I move a big file 
from the brick quite full to the one quite emply. I copy the file 
preserve acl and xattr. After the copy I delete the file in the first 
birck (rm -rf /brick1/data/ccaf.... ) but I observe the space is not free.

I look into and I find a file in the brick in .glusterfs direcotory big 
as the file I move. I read the article here:


But I did not understand if it is safety removing the directory 
containing the big file in .glusterfs in the first brick. Some one can 
help me? Can I delete that directory (/brick1/data/.glusterfs/cc) ? Is 
it better deleting the file when glusterd is stopped? or is it enough 
the volume is stopped?

Thanks for any answer.



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