[Gluster-users] question about info and info.tmp

songxin songxin_1980 at 126.com
Thu Nov 10 08:02:55 UTC 2016

When I start the glusterd some error happened.
And the log is following.

[2016-11-08 07:58:34.989365] I [MSGID: 100030] [glusterfsd.c:2318:main] 0-/usr/sbin/glusterd: Started running /usr/sbin/glusterd version 3.7.6 (args: /usr/sbin/glusterd -p /var/run/glusterd.pid --log-level INFO) 
[2016-11-08 07:58:34.998356] I [MSGID: 106478] [glusterd.c:1350:init] 0-management: Maximum allowed open file descriptors set to 65536 
[2016-11-08 07:58:35.000667] I [MSGID: 106479] [glusterd.c:1399:init] 0-management: Using /system/glusterd as working directory
[2016-11-08 07:58:35.024508] I [MSGID: 106514] [glusterd-store.c:2075:glusterd_restore_op_version] 0-management: Upgrade detected. Setting op-version to minimum : 1 
[2016-11-08 07:58:35.025356] E [MSGID: 106206] [glusterd-store.c:2562:glusterd_store_update_volinfo] 0-management: Failed to get next store iter 
[2016-11-08 07:58:35.025401] E [MSGID: 106207] [glusterd-store.c:2844:glusterd_store_retrieve_volume] 0-management: Failed to update volinfo for c_glusterfs volume 
[2016-11-08 07:58:35.025463] E [MSGID: 106201] [glusterd-store.c:3042:glusterd_store_retrieve_volumes] 0-management: Unable to restore volume: c_glusterfs 
[2016-11-08 07:58:35.025544] E [MSGID: 101019] [xlator.c:428:xlator_init] 0-management: Initialization of volume 'management' failed, review your volfile again 
[2016-11-08 07:58:35.025582] E [graph.c:322:glusterfs_graph_init] 0-management: initializing translator failed 
[2016-11-08 07:58:35.025629] E [graph.c:661:glusterfs_graph_activate] 0-graph: init failed 
[2016-11-08 07:58:35.026109] W [glusterfsd.c:1236:cleanup_and_exit] (-->/usr/sbin/glusterd(glusterfs_volumes_init-0x1b260) [0x1000a718] -->/usr/sbin/glusterd(glusterfs_process_volfp-0x1b3b8) [0x1000a5a8] -->/usr/sbin/glusterd(cleanup_and_exit-0x1c02c) [0x100098bc] ) 0-: received signum (0), shutting down 

And then I found that the size of vols/volume_name/info is 0.It cause glusterd shutdown.
But I found that vols/volume_name_info.tmp is not 0.
And I found that there is a brick file vols/volume_name/bricks/xxxx.brick is 0, but vols/volume_name/bricks/xxxx.brick.tmp is not 0.

I read the function code glusterd_store_volinfo () in glusterd-store.c .
I know that the info.tmp will be rename to info in function glusterd_store_volume_atomic_update().

But my question is that why the info file is 0 but info.tmp is not 0.

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