[Gluster-users] Feedback on DHT option "cluster.readdir-optimize"

Raghavendra Gowdappa rgowdapp at redhat.com
Tue Nov 8 05:17:17 UTC 2016

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> Sent: Tuesday, November 8, 2016 10:37:56 AM
> Subject: Feedback on DHT option "cluster.readdir-optimize"
> Hi all,
> We have an option in called "cluster.readdir-optimize" which alters the
> behavior of readdirp in DHT. This value affects how storage/posix treats
> dentries corresponding to directories (not for files).
> When this value is on,
> * DHT asks only one subvol/brick to return dentries corresponding to
> directories.
> * Other subvols/bricks filter dentries corresponding to directories and send
> only dentries corresponding to files.
> When this value is off (this is the default value),
> * All subvols return all dentries stored on them. IOW, bricks don't filter
> any dentries.
> * Since a directory has one dentry representing it on each subvol, dht
> (loaded on client) picks up dentry only from hashed subvol.
> Note that irrespective of value of this option, _all_ subvols return dentries
> corresponding to files which are stored on them.
> This option was introduced to boost performance of readdir as (when set on),
> filtering of dentries happens on bricks and hence there is reduced:
> 1. network traffic (with filtering all the redundant dentry information)
> 2. number of readdir calls between client and server for the same number of
> dentries returned to application (If filtering happens on client, lesser
> number of dentries in result and hence more number of readdir calls. IOW,
> result buffer is not filled to maximum capacity).
> We want to hear from you Whether you've used this option and if yes,
> 1. Did it really boost readdir performance?
> 2. Do you've any performance data to find out what was the percentage of
> improvement (or deterioration)?
> 3. Data set you had (Number of files, directories and organisation of
> directories).

4. Volume information. IOW, how many subvols did dht had?

> If we find out that this option is really helping you, we can spend our
> energies on fixing issues that will arise when this option is set to on. One
> common issue with turning this option on is that when this option is set,
> some directories might not show up in directory listing [1]. The reason for
> this is that:
> 1. If a directory can be created on a hashed subvol, mkdir (result to
> application) will be successful, irrespective of result of mkdir on rest of
> the subvols.
> 2. So, any subvol we pick to give us dentries corresponding to directory need
> not contain all the directories and we might miss out those directories in
> listing.
> Your feedback is important for us and will help us to prioritize and improve
> things.
> [1] https://www.gluster.org/pipermail/gluster-users/2016-October/028703.html
> regards,
> Raghavendra

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