[Gluster-users] Recent Gluster-related talk at OpenStack summit

Andrew Boag andrew.boag at catalyst-au.net
Mon Nov 7 02:27:38 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Just wanted to broadcast a presentation that I did at the recent 
OpenStack Summit in barcelona that included quite a bit around our user 
of GlusterFS and other clustered / network file systems in our cloud 
application stacks.

We certainly do not claim to know everything about GlusterFS and our use 
case (as file storage for a cloud-hosted web application) is not the 
same as some of the massive file storage applications that are discussed 
inside this mailing list.

Anyway, may be of interest - 

We are doing some more experimentation with Gluster and we hope to 
publish some orchestration recipes for gluster solutions inside 
openstack and AWS cloud architectures.



Andrew Boag - Managing Director
andrew.boag at catalyst-au.net
tel: +61 2 8002 1758
mob: +61 421 528 125

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