[Gluster-users] How to backup GlusterFS metadata in /etc, /var etc.?

Marius Bergmann marius at yeai.de
Sun Nov 6 09:49:52 UTC 2016


I'm running a very tiny setup of just two servers, which each host
several gluster bricks in a n=2 replica configuration. Now I want to
reinstall the operating system on one of the hosts without having to
resync all of the volumes afterwards. I found that there's some metadata
outside of the volume bricks, e.g. in /etc/glusterfs, /var/lib/glusterd etc.

Can I/do I have to take a (cold) backup of that metadata before
reinstalling the host OS, so that there's only a small delta to be
synced once the node is up again? If yes, which directories should be
backed up?

Kind regards,

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