[Gluster-users] High cpu usage when using Ganesha with gluster FSAL

Nathan Madpsy nathan at link9.net
Thu Nov 3 12:00:37 UTC 2016

(I don't have the message ID of the original so this will be a new thread.)

Original Message:

I too am seeing ~10% CPU usage per Gluster export when using Ganesha
NFS. This occurs straight after the process starts and the export does
not need to be mounted to see the problem.

Ubuntu 16.04

gluster 3.8.5-ubuntu1~xenial1

nfs-ganesha 2.4.1-ubuntu1~xenial5

I confirmed (as expected, given this is a userspace NFS server after
all) that it is not sys and thus strace is no use.

My (test) Ganesha config is as follows:

	Export_Id = 2;
	Path = /gv0;
	Access_type = RW;
	Squash = No_root_squash;
	Disable_ACL = TRUE;
	Pseudo = /gv0;
	Protocols = "4";
	SecType = "sys";
        FSAL {
                name = GLUSTER;
                hostname = localhost;
                volume = gv0;

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