[Gluster-users] Gluster update

Dj Merrill gluster at deej.net
Fri May 27 01:37:06 UTC 2016

On 5/26/2016 5:11 PM, Gandalf Corvotempesta wrote:
>> Upgrade part of the Gluster infrastructure, then migrate your critical
>> items to the upgraded servers, then upgrade the rest, etc.
> This is exactly what i would like to archieve but is not possible.

I am not sure I understand what isn't possible.

Install the new version of Gluster on a new server or reuse an existing 
server.  Set it up as a new Gluster instance (not part of the existing 
one).  Migrate all of your VMs to it.  When they are all migrated, 
upgrade the remaining servers and bring them into the new Gluster instance.

Depending on your VM infrastructure, you might be able to do this with 
no downtime, otherwise each VM will be down for the amount of time it 
takes to migrate, but you aren't taking down the entire Gluster 
infrastructure which is what you have mentioned.


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