[Gluster-users] file permissions for shared access

Ryan Brothers ryan.brothers at gmail.com
Wed May 25 18:38:46 UTC 2016

I am mounting a gluster volume on several clients for shared access.
The uid's and gid's of the users and groups do not match on each of
the clients, so a given user could have a different uid on each

I plan to control access to the volume via IP addresses in auth.allow.
If an IP address can connect to the volume, then the client can have
full access to all the files, regardless of the user and group who
owns each file.

Based on my use case, how can I set file permissions knowing that the
uid and gid will not match?  My background is with cifs where you can
set a fixed uid and gid when you mount, but I don't believe the native
gluster client supports this.

Could one option be to use setfacl and set a default acl for all users
to have full access to all files?  This would mean I would be
effectively ignoring the owner and group of each file.  Are there
downsides to this approach?  Or is there another way I can set this up
with gluster?

Thanks for your help.


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