[Gluster-users] Gluster volume heal info healed shows the healed entries under wrong brick

Qiu Jie QJ Li liqiujie at cn.ibm.com
Tue May 24 09:39:33 UTC 2016

Hello Gluster developer
I have a gluster cluster with 2 nodes configured as replicated volumes, 
each node has one brick.

I did single node failure test including killing all gluster processes and 
power off one node. 

The node failed is node_f and the other node is node_h. During the 
node_f's failure period, I updated a file 'testMay24' (from a client 
machine other than the 2 nodes). I checked the file update is correct 
consumed on the healthy node/brick node_h. 

Then I started the processes OR power on the failure node node_f. After 
that I found the file updated during the node_f failure was healed on 
node_f (with the updated content).

I checked the self-healing information by using 'gluster volume heal 
volume_name info healed'. I found that the healed entries are all listed 
under the node_h, which I supposed should be listed under node_f. Also the 
old healed entries on node_f previous to my test was lost. There are no 
entries that needs heal and no entries of split-brain.

I guess this is related to the self-heal daemon's restart on node_f. Is 
this designed like this or my misunderstanding or a bug? Thanks in advance 
for your help!

root at node_f:~# gluster volume heal gv0 info healed
Gathering Heal info on volume gv0 has been successful

Brick node_h:/glusterfs/brick1/gv0
Number of entries: 20
at                    path on brick
2016-05-24 06:40:15 /sophytest/testMay24 => This is the file I updated 
during the node_f's failure time. I supposed it should be listed under 
node_f instead of node_h.

Brick node_f:/glusterfs/brick1/gv0
Number of entries: 0
=>There were some old healed entries that are previous to my test time, 
but were lost after test.


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