[Gluster-users] Questions about healing

Kevin Lemonnier lemonnierk at ulrar.net
Sat May 21 11:48:48 UTC 2016

>    Which is the OS reaction to a locked storage?A  It's transparent or could
>    lead to FS issue?
>    What would happen if healing starts in the middle of a write, for example
>    when MySQL flush to disks?

In my experience the OS can't notice that, actually. The access to the disk won't fail,
it'll just wait for the heal to finish before returning : your VM will freez. When the heal
finishes the access will return correctly and everything will continue as if nothing happened.
Might depend on the OS though, no idea how windows would react, but for Linux at least
even hour long heals never caused any problem to the VM, except of course the fact that
the VM froze and all services on it stopped responding during the heal.

We didn't have sharding at first, and the behaviour is pretty much the same, but the heals take

Kevin Lemonnier
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