[Gluster-users] Using a volume during rebalance

Christoph Schäfer schaefer at vcomtec.com
Fri May 20 17:54:54 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I'm wondering if it is ok to use a volume during rebalance (Gluster
3.6.9). Currently I'm preparing to expand a distributed replicated
volume by 2 nodes (replica is 2).

I'm currently testing with a virtual machine setup. If I do heavy copy
operation during rebalance after the 2 nodes are added, I've already had
oddities in 2 of 2 tries. One time a directory with 10k files was not
copied completely and the other time copy suddenly asked to overwrite
files, though the target directory was empty before copy command. This
makes me realy feel bad thinking on rebalacing a production system...
The client is a linux box with the mounted volume.

Are there any new known limitations? Should I not use the volume during

Thanks for you feedback and best regards

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