[Gluster-users] CentOS 7.2 + Gluster 3.6.3 volume stuck in heal

Kingsley gluster at gluster.dogwind.com
Fri May 20 16:36:12 UTC 2016


We've got a volume that has been stuck in "Possibly undergoing heal"
status for several months. I would like to upgrade gluster to a newer
version but I would feel safer if we could get the volume fixed first.

Some info:

# gluster volume info voicemail

Volume Name: voicemail
Type: Replicate
Volume ID: 8f628d09-60d0-4cb8-8d1a-b7a272c42a23
Status: Started
Number of Bricks: 1 x 4 = 4
Transport-type: tcp
Brick1: gluster1a-1:/data/brick/voicemail
Brick2: gluster1b-1:/data/brick/voicemail
Brick3: gluster2a-1:/data/brick/voicemail
Brick4: gluster2b-1:/data/brick/voicemail

# gluster volume heal voicemail info
Brick gluster1a-1.dns99.co.uk:/data/brick/voicemail/
/borked/Old - Possibly undergoing heal

Number of entries: 1

Brick gluster1b-1.dns99.co.uk:/data/brick/voicemail/
Number of entries: 0

Brick gluster2a-1.dns99.co.uk:/data/brick/voicemail/
/borked/Old - Possibly undergoing heal

Number of entries: 1

Brick gluster2b-1.dns99.co.uk:/data/brick/voicemail/
/borked/Old - Possibly undergoing heal

Number of entries: 1

There's a statedump here; I've appended the server name to each file (I
grabbed a copy from each server, in case it helped):


What should I do?


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