[Gluster-users] heal info report a gfid

Nicolas Ecarnot nicolas at ecarnot.net
Thu May 19 17:55:00 UTC 2016

Le 19/05/2016 17:33, Jesper Led Lauridsen     TS Infra server a écrit :

>> If you want to locate it, this is how you do it :
>> 1) ls -i /bricks/brick1/glu_rhevtst_dr2_data_01/.glusterfs/32/5c/325ccd9f-a7f1-4ad0-bfc8-6d4b73930b9f on glustoretst02.net.dr.dk
>> 2) find the inode number that you will get associated with this file on the same brick (you can use -inum option of find).
>> You should be able to locate the file. I hope this answers your question.
> I am not trying to locate the file. I did that already. What wonders me is:
> 1: Why I can't find the file on the mounted gluster volume (/var/run/gluster/glu_rhevtst_dr2_data_01/), when I can find it on the brick of glustertst02
> 2: Why the file doesn’t get healed and synced to glustertst01
> The purpose of my quest is to get rid of this gfid entry before I am going to upgrade to 3.6.9. I’m currently running 3.6.2.

Looks like I'm in the same situation (gfid and files), but I'm already 
in 3.7.11... (see my msg last week).


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