[Gluster-users] Inconsistent Shard linking

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com
Sat May 14 04:28:43 UTC 2016

This is the reason behind my earlier questions re replacing a node.

I had *yet another* disk failure. However I have now replaced all 
desktop drives on the server (WD Blacks & Blues) with WD reds which are 
rated for 24/7 NAS operation. Two nodes are 4*WD red in Zfs Raid10, one 
node has 8 SAS drives in raid 10.

However :( the ZFS resilver on node vng revealed data corruption in one 


However checking its hard link, its not linked to a data file, rather to 
what was presumably a shard of the data file

    find . -inum 291341

Checking the shard directory, there are 1024 64MB 
"719041d0-d755-4bc6-a5fc-6b59071fac17.*" files. Checking the actually 
gluster mount, there are no files with a gfid of 
"719041d0-d755-4bc6-a5fc-6b59071fac17". All three nodes are the same in 
this regard.

1.    I'm not to concerned about it as it seems to be a result of 
straight out undetected disk corruption, a result of a crappy setup on 
our part, since corrected.

2.    I have no idea as to what image file was originally represented by 
these shards or if its possible to find out. After a quick check they 
all appear to be ok.

3.     Not sure what to do about it - should I just delete the shards?

Or a broader note, I contemplating putting together some scripts to do 
basically integrity checks on a sharded setup:

- Check for orphaned shards

- check for files missing shards (is it possible)

- Anything else?

I'd also like to write a service (c/c++) that can do an online scrub 
(md5 check) of shards. Would that be possible via the gfapi or is to 
high level for that?


Lindsay Mathieson

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