[Gluster-users] Question about "Possibly undergoing heal" on a file being reported.

Richard Klein (RSI) rklein at rsitex.com
Wed May 4 20:20:59 UTC 2016

First time e-mailer to the group, greetings all.  We are using Gluster 3.7.6 in Cloudstack on CentOS7 with KVM.  Gluster is our primary storage.  All is going well but we have a test VM QCOW2 volume that gets stuck in the "Possibly undergoing healing".  By stuck I mean it stays in that state for over 24 hrs.  This is a test VM with no activity on it and we have removed the swap file on the guest as well thinking that may be causing high I/O.  All the tools show that the VM is basically idle with low I/O.  The only way I can clear it up is to power the VM off, move the QCOW2 volume from the Gluster mount then back (basically remove and recreate it) then power the VM back on.  Once I do this process all is well again but then it happened again on the same volume/file.

One additional note, I have even powered off the VM completely and the QCOW2 file still stays in this state.

Is there a way to stop/abort or force the heal to finish?  Any help with a direction would be appreciated.


Richard Klein

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